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CAB Manager

Customer Advisory Board Management Training

We have teamed up with the folks at Ignite Advisory Group to develop a great training course for our members and anyone interested in developing skills in Managing Customer Advisory Boards.

We shared our research with them to develop the training materials. Some of the highlights from the training content you will experience include:

  • 5 top advisory board challenges and best practices to overcome them.
  • 10 sample objectives and metrics, and example scorecards and frameworks to build out metrics for your company.
  • 3-stage CAB design and launch process, including internal alignment, charter creation, detailed program timeline, design decisions and more.
  • 9-step process to recruit more senior level customers.
  • 7-step comprehensive customer-driven agenda creation process.
  • 20 ideas and strategies for ongoing engagement and maximizing the impact and value of the board.
  • Comprehensive CAB Training templates document with best practices and charts, yours to keep.

The CAB Manager training is purposefully designed with the following audience in mind:

  • CAB Program Manager
  • CAB Executive Sponsor (CXO)
  • Manager/Director/VP/SVP/EVP/GM of:
    • Marketing
    • Product Marketing
    • Customer Experience
    • Customer Insights
    • Customer Engagement
    • Customer Programs
    • Events
    • Executive Briefing Center
    • Relationship Management
    • Customer Insights/Engagement
    • Customer Programs
    • Customer Success
If you’d like more information then please consider registering at:
The CAB Manager training is running every 6 months or so in a multi-session virtual meeting format, so its easy to attend from your desk, at home or in the office.
And if you’ve taken the training already we’d love to hear your feedback on the course! Please share in the comments section.
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