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Announcing the 2023 Customer Advisory Board .org CONFERENCE

This year’s annual conference will be VIRTUAL on March 28th 2023. Its been over 2 years since we have been able to meet due to the pandemic and lots has changed in our industry. We are seeing Customer Advisory Board members attitude to travel changing, the emergence of more hybrid CAB meetings and an increase in the use of technologies like Zoom to engage council members throughout the year. We will be discussing these topics and many more at the upcoming meeting.

The Customer Advisory Board .org meeting has been attended by 60-80 CAB practitioners in previous years, so we are expecting a similar figure, or more, at this years virtual event. It is the best place worldwide to learn and share best practices in managing advisory councils. There really is no other meeting like this on our planet! So whether you are completely new to the concept of an advisory council, or if you are a seasoned manager of multiple boards, you will find great information and tips to take back and apply, increasing the success of your program in the future.

We will provide an opportunity for social networking even though it’s a virtual event, so you can meet your peers and connect with other Customer Advisory Board managers before/after the event through our LinkedIn community.

We are planning a full day of presentations and small group breakout sessions so please aim to stay until the end.

We are looking for SPEAKERS, so if you believe you have a great Customer Advisory Board program you would like to share, or maybe you have developed something unique around managing advisory councils that you would like feedback on? Then we would love to hear your ideas and consider you for a potential speaking slot. Plus all speakers receive COMPLIMENTARY access to the event, so that’s an added bonus too!

We hope you can make it this year! You can register at

If you have any questions on attending or speaking then please email

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