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Annual 2021 CAB Benchmark Survey

This is the largest survey of Customer Advisory Board Programs worldwide. Since 2010, the ANONYMIZED results of this survey have established many of the best practices used in world-class CAB programs today.

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The Customer Advisory Board Industry Report is the result of the largest industry survey regularly conducted of advisory council programs. Using objective indicators of Customer Advisory Board maturity, the research covers a wealth of data regarding evolving advisory board management practices, and sought to answer three main questions:

  • How are Customer Advisory Boards performing?
  • What are the standards and strengths of Customer Advisory Boards?
  • What opportunities should Customer Advisory Board managers focus on to grow their programs?

We developed the Customer Advisory Board Maturity Model to help organizations understand, plan for and assess the performance of their advisory council initiatives. Our members use it both as a Customer Advisory Board management checklist(containing 60 best practices) and as an organizational roadmap along the 7 key competency areas. At the Customer Advisory Board .org association, we use it to organize our research, our conference session programming, and our training services so that our members can easily connect the dots and use the association’s content in their strategic planning.

The model articulates two concepts required to advance the business of Customer Advisory Boards. First, it defines the 7 key competency areas, containing a total of 60 best practices, required to build successful client advisory councils. Second, it articulates how these competencies progress from organizations that have developed their programs through a ‘trial & error’ approach to those that have embraced world-class best practices and professional help.

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