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First published in 2010, the Free Strategy Guide is widely used today by Customer Advisory Board .org members and beyond to:

  • Evaluate and assess their organization’s Customer Advisory Board program through gap analysis
  • Understand the expertise and skill sets required for successful advisory council development
  • Develop a road map to advance Customer Advisory Board efforts in their organization
  • Educate and manage expectations for the advisory board among executive sponsors, stakeholders, sales and account management
  • Create training for those tasked with developing or improving a Customer Advisory Board or facilitating an advisory council meeting

Download the free Customer Advisory Board strategy guide HERE.

Download Free CAB Strategy Guide

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Customer Advisory Board?
  2. Why create an Advisory Board?
  3. Challenges in creating a highly engaged Advisory Board
  4. Types of Advisory Boards
  5. CAB Costs & Benefits (ROI)
  6. Evolution of a World Class Customer Advisory Board
  7. Organizational Structure Required to Support a CAB
  8. Methods to improve an existing CAB
  9. How To Get Started

Research that Supports 3 Key Findings:

  • Customer Advisory Board maturity impacts business value
  • World class CAB programs continuously engage members throughout the year
  • Executive participation and sponsorship is the biggest determinant of ROI

In addition to the high level key findings, the report includes data, analysis, actionable insights and recommendations related to the 7 maturity competencies in the Customer Advisory Board Maturity Model. This research is invaluable in benchmarking advisory board programs, to find immediate areas for improvement, regardless of your organization’s size of industry.

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