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Download Examples of World-Class Customer Advisory Board Programs

The following presentations are from annual conferences over the last 8+ years.

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Top CAB Challenges and Strategies to Overcome Them”

A great example of the key challenges experienced in launching a Customer Advisory Board and successful strategies used to overcome them. Including examples of a scorecard to measure success, an interview discussion guide for collecting feedback on proposed CAB agenda topics. Plus lots of tips on keeping Customer Advisory Board members engaged between meetings, how to optimize in-person CAB meetings on the day and tips on keeping internal senior executives on the CAB steering committee engaged in the program throughout the year.

Download TransUnion PDF

Strategies for a Stratup to Recruit C Level Members to a CAB”

Recruiting senior level executives into Customer Advisory Board programs can be tough, this is a great example of proven CAB recruitment strategies in action. This organization is a technology startup, a relatively small company, but have achieved some great accomplishments in recruiting very senior level executives to their Customer Advisory Board program. This presentation describes exactly how they launched and recruited at a high level for their CAB program.

Download Pindrop PDF

“From Customer Advisory to Advocacy: The Evolution of the B2B CAB”

A leading Forrester analyst shres some of the latest research and thinking on how B2B Customer Advisory Boards shape customer advocacy strategies. The examples include how to use a Customer Advisory Board to create exceptional cutomer experiences and how to become customer obsessed. There is also a great analysis of different customer types to determine which type of customers make the best advocates and advisory board members.

Download Forrester PDF

How to Assess CAB Programs among other Customer Experience Initiatives”

A good example of the need to differentiate a Customer Advisory Board from other customer events and how a CAB fits into an overall Customer Experience strategy. This large enterprise faced increasing requests to create new Customer Advisory Board programs. CABs are a very powerful customer marketing tool, but must not be over used as they do require significant budget. The solution was to establish a set of requirements for advisory boards to determine when to use a CAB and when not to use a CAB, as other customer marketing programs may be more suitable.

Download Oracle PDF

Aiming High to Recruit and Engage CAB Members”

Engaging senior level executives in a Customer Advisory Board is a challenge, these are examples of how the right content and a compelling mission of the CAB can be a game changer. This organization selected a very powerful and compelling mission statement to attract their A-list, top clients into the Customer Advisory Board. This examples shows how they created a unique value proposition to join the CAB, through compelling discussion topics, which created a unique forum, the only place worldwide where people to sit with their peers and discuss these important industry topics.

Download Forcepoint PowerPoint

The Process of Planning for Strategic CAB Meetings”

Planning for an in person Customer Advisory Board meeting can take 3-6 months, this example explores everything from Agenda Creation to the final meeting report. The example includes a complete timeline, detailing exactly what steps need to be completed and when to deliver a world class Customer Advisory Board. This is essentially a behind the scenes view of what goes into a Customer Advisory Board meeting, through teh eyes of a professional meeting planner.

Download Pershing PowerPoint

Driving Tangible Business Value Through Customer Advisory Boards”

Some great examples of how a leading Customer Advisory Board program measures ROI of the CAB over time. A scorecard illustrates how to capture data which can be used to establish the Return On Investment (ROI) of a Customer Advisory Board over time. It also explores how difficult it can be to measure the real business value of a CAB and quantify the overall impact on customer experience.

Download Wolters Kluwer PowerPoint

The Journey to Becoming Customer Obsessed through a CAB”

Customer Experience strategies can be guided very effectively through a Customer Advisory Board, this is an example of one organization’s journey. This Fortune 500 company shares how it emabrked on a journey to create a world class Customer Advisory Board. Starting with how to gain executive sponsorship for the advisory board program, this was one of the most critical success factors early on in the journey. The example shows a complete strategy for creating a Customer Advisory Board over time.

Download Ryder PowerPoint

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