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Using Customer Advisory Boards to GIVE BACK

Assuming we get back to normal at some point soon post Corona Virus, there will be an increased need to give back and do more charitable giving.
As Customer Advisory Board managers, we a unique opportunity working with our programs to do this around social networking activities. Instead of recommending an intoxicating cocktail making competition or wine tasting, we could propose a competition with the results donated to a local food bank. I helped orchestrate/facilitate this at one of our last CAB meetings and it worked out well (picture attached) – and people still got drunk as we did it at a brewery! I see there being a few benefits to this approach:
– Orchestrating/facilitating this social networking activity was relatively easy
– It saves money (this is a very low cost social networking activity compared to many others)
– We get credit for creating a fun experience (its a lot more fun than having dinner)
– We all got to GIVE BACK
– Oh and its not weather dependent!
So as we help plan for our first post-Corona Customer Advisory Board meetings, if you need help arranging and facilitating a social networking activity that gives back, please reach out to us and we can tell you how we setup this with a local food bank. Here are the basic steps:
Mission Give back to the local community we are in today by helping a local Food Bank
Objective Package the food items quicker than the other teams
Teams Breakout into groups of 5 people and select a team name
Strategy Spend 5 minutes mapping out your strategy to create as many food packages as possible within 5 minutes
Package Requirements Each package should contain: 3 x soup, 4 x nut bars, 4 x water, 3 x dried fruit
GO! Start packaging!
STOP! Count how many bags you have produced
Donate If any CAB member makes a donation today, the host company will match it

1.Arrange for person from local food bank to be there to pickup the bags and talk about their excellent work

2.Delivery can be made from Amazon to hotel to get the food supplies in advance

3. FEEDING AMERICA .org is a great site to find local food banks

Thoughts/comments welcome?
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