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Customer Advisory Board Faq

FAQ: What are the typical OBJECTIVES of a Customer Advisory Board?

Answers to the following questions can be achieved by a well-directed, well-planned and well-executed Customer Advisory Board:

  1. Is our company moving in the right direction and is our value proposition one that is in alignment with the needs of our customers?
  2. Are our products and services providing value to our customers and how can we increase that value?
  3. Where are there other opportunities that we have not yet explored? How do these opportunities resonate with our customers?
  4. What are the industry trends and drivers that are impacting our customers?
  5. How do we maximize our partner relationships and where are there additional opportunities to collaborate?
  6. How can we facilitate peer-to-peer engagement amongst our key customers to provide additional value to them?
  7. How well are we doing with regard to customer service, product innovation, messaging, pricing models, etc.?
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