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Customer Advisory Board Faq

FAQ: How do you BUILD a Customer Advisory Board program?

There are several things to remember before deciding to launch a Customer Advisory Board:

  • A CAB is not a one-off, check-the-box kind of event. It is an ongoing initiative executed for the purpose of driving future strategies for the business. It is important to commit to this vision prior to initiating a CAB.
  • Communication with board members is critical before, during and after the meetings. Board members need to know:
    • Their roles and responsibilities
    • That their time will be well spent
    • That their input will be heard and acted upon when appropriate
    • That the host company shows them that their input was valuable by providing regular updates
    • That their concerns are not dismissed or defended but rather taken into thoughtful consideration
  • CABs bring together your key customers so there is an inherent risk in not managing the CAB to ultimate perfection. Hiring an experienced organization to build, manage and facilitate your CAB is the best way to mitigate this risk.
  • The more interactive and creative the meetings, the better the outcomes.
  • Spending time to recruit a balanced board with varying degrees of engagement with your company will provide for engaging conversation, differing perspectives and opportunities for greater learning.
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