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Top 6 Customer Advisory Board Challenges

Designing and running a world-class Client Advisory Council requires continuous activity throughout the year. Our members report that their top 6 challenges are:

  1. Getting the right members: Recruiting the right executives from the customer base is no easy task. Have you developed an effective plan and communication program to recruit and keep the right members?
  2. Having the right conversations: How are you organizing your agenda to make sure you get the most from the limited conversation time you have available?
  3. Providing enough value: What are you doing to make sure members receive as much tangible value from their participation as you receive?
  4. Capturing strategic insight: How are you organized to make sure you can separate the truly important from the merely interesting and useful insights?
  5. Leveraging insight and relationships: Do you have an effective process in place to leverage what you accomplished with board members across your organization and track progress?
  6. Measuring impact: How can you be sure you’re getting a real return on the time and resources invested? Do you have appropriate metrics and an effective measurement system in place?
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